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Ignite your audience and set the stage for deep learning and connecting. Dr. Anderson's opening keynotes put your audience in the mindset to get the most out of the event.


Lock in the learning and create an action plan for change with Dr. Anderson as your closing speaker. Participants leave with clear direction on what’s next and how to get there.

Dr. Anderson’s  Keynote Topics

A researcher at heart, Janel offers fully customized programs that speak to the exact issues your organization is facing.  Her keynotes packed with takeaways that are easy-to-implement so the audience can use them immediately. She connects easily with audiences of all types and is one of the most relatable speakers you'll ever hear. 

All programs are available for either in-person events or remote delivery.

Designing The Future of Work

The events of 2020 and 2021 have forever changed the workplace landscape. As we grapple with and prepare for continued unrelenting change, leaders must intentionally design a workplace that brings out the best in their employees so that they can serve customers who whose expectations have changed and who know no boundaries.

Grounded in empirical research and design principles, Dr. Janel Anderson will prepare leadership teams to focus on the variables that matter most so they can recast the future of work into a place that bridges distance, motivates employees and deeply satisfies customers.

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Creating Extraordinary Experiences in Everyday Moments

We are living in an age where products and services live or die by the ratings they get. Products and services with five star ratings are thought to have greater value. Humans are not so different.  We are rating each other at work subconsciously as we interact.  Did she deliver?  Was my interaction with him one that delighted me, even in some small way? 

This keynote delivers action-packed ideas for ensuring that you are providing the very best user experience for those who interact with you. That includes your colleagues, your customers, and even your manager or your board of directors.  Learn little tweaks that make all the difference so you can create an experience that demands a five-star rating and will put you in charge of your career in a whole new way.

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Increasing Your Influence

With so much information competing for everyone’s attention, you must be able to convey your ideas effectively.  You need to communicate and connect in ways that drive effective decision-making, teamwork, and action when working within your own teams and business units and with other business units you collaborate with.

In this program, participants will learn tools and techniques that will strengthen their personal leadership by increasing their influence. Participants will become more persuasive in communication in a range of modes and settings. From one-on-ones to team meetings, and within and across business units, participants will add to their toolbox of techniques for positively influencing others.

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