Future of Work Expert 

Turn unpredictability into certainty. 

Be prepared for what's coming next.

Increase your competitive advantage. 


In today’s world . . .

There is more uncertainty than ever before.

You’re holding your breath, waiting for the next disruption.

You wish you could see the future coming. 

In today’s world . . .

There is more uncertainty than ever before.

You’re holding your breath, waiting for the next disruption.

You wish you could see the future coming.

She helps you face tomorrow’s challenges in today’s workplace.

Keynotes, Executive Coaching, and Virtual Solutions to Ensure Your Organization is Ready for What's Next   


A researcher at heart, Janel offers fully customized programs that speak to the exact issues your organization is facing.  Her keynotes packed with takeaways that are easy-to-implement so the audience can use them immediately. She connects easily with audiences of all types and is one of the most relatable speakers you'll ever hear. 

All programs are available for either in-person events or virtual delivery.


I'm Janel Anderson, PhD, CSP   

I know that today's leaders are navigating a complex landscape rife with unprecedented challenges.

I understand how the relentless pace of advancing technology demands that leaders remain adaptable and embrace constant change. They must also grapple with the ethical implications of emerging technologies, while safeguarding their bottom line and humanity's well-being.

I know that the same global interconnectedness we have become so reliant on, sometimes leaves us feeling more disconnected than ever. Today’s leaders are presented with the Herculean task of fostering collaboration and managing diverse perspectives across borders.

All of this, in the midst of constant change and uncertainty.

We can never be entirely certain of the future, but I have certainty that we can handle whatever comes our way.

Let’s embrace the future together. When we acknowledge that these challenges are not going away, we can tackle them with connection, clarity, and confidence.

Keynote Speaking

Janel is an expert on the future of work who helps her audiences see the future coming. Reducing ambiguity and learning to live powerfully with uncertainty unleashes a new level of leadership. With topics spanning leadership, communication, and the future of work, she delivers highly engaging presentations that deliver lasting results.

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Books & Research

Janel packages her ideas in an easy to follow manner in her books and workbooks. Her writing is filled with research and with stories that bring the content to life, showing you how to implement the ideas from her books in your work and life immediately. Her latest book, Head On: How to Approach Difficult Conversations Directly,ย is available for bulk purchase.

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Janel hosts the Working Conversations podcast where she keeps listeners up to date on trends in the future of work, business communication, leadership, and personal and professional development. Each episode is filled with actionable strategies for the issues facing leaders today.  Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get podcasts.

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"We’ve been spending a lot of time on remaking our culture over the last year and  I couldn’t be more grateful for Janel's help in the process – thank you! You provided strategies that we can use right now and many of them are not time-intensive, but will have a considerable impact on how leaders feel about their work."

- Steve Grove, DEED Commissioner

"Janel created a customized leadership training institute for us. Selecting Janel for this project was the best thing we could have done!  She had the inherent ability to connect directly with our leadership team, creating an environment that allowed them to learn and grow."

- Robert Doty, Executive Director

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Whether you need a top female business speaker, future of work speaker, female futurist, conference speaker, motivational speaker, or inspirational keynote speaker, Dr. Janel Anderson should be the first person you reach out to. If you are an event planner or a meeting planner who wants a speaker who will deliver timely, actionable content that and relate to the audience, Dr. Janel Anderson is your speaker!

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