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Welcome to the Working Conversations Podcast, the ultimate source of up-to-date research and trends on the rapidly changing future of work and workplace dynamics. Get ready to empower yourself, grow personally and professionally, and boost your impact at work.

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128: Why People Are Rude (And Worse!) Online

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127: How Labor Day Can Help Predict the Future

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126: Digital Nomads and the Countries that Are Wooing Them

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125: Stealth Working: Globetrotting or the Local Coffee Shop

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Why a podcast? 

Audience members used to approach me after my presentations, seeking ways to share the valuable content I delivered in my programs with their colleagues and friends.  I didn't have a solution. However, that changed with the advent of the Working Conversations podcast in early 2021.  In addition to being highly shareable, the podcast serves as a booster shot to reinforce the outcomes and inspiration delivered in my keynotes, training sessions, and executive coaching.  I now offer customized playlists for my clients, so they can zero in on the specific episodes that will effectively assist their teams in maintaining the momentum of learning long after the event is over.

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