Working Conversations Episode 97:

Why Interpersonal Skills are THE Most Important Skills for 2023

Every day, there are thousands of companies and businesses all around the world seeking the right person to fill open positions. And when you start reading the job description of each job posting, almost everything requires having strong interpersonal skills — regardless of the industry sector or type of role.

No wonder interpersonal communication skills are the most important skills to develop and maintain this year.

As the future of work continues to evolve, the importance of interpersonal skills also increases. These skills dictate how you get along with other people and how well you get along with other people.

Interpersonal communication skills also enhance collaboration and teamwork, leading to more positive and productive outcomes in the workplace.  They improve one’s emotional intelligence and increase empathy and understanding, helping to resolve conflicts and build stronger relationships with others. In short, it’s about teamwork, emotional intelligence, and leadership.

So why are they important? — Without strong interpersonal skills, you’re not going to be your best and work to your full potential. And without them, you are going to hold yourself back.

In this episode, I explore my fifth prediction on the future of work for 2023, that interpersonal communication skills are the most important skills at work. I also share how to go about developing your interpersonal communication skills (or refreshing them if you have a solid skillset already).

So, take time to work on your interpersonal skills and watch as your relationships, both personal and professional, thrive.

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