Working Conversations Episode 95:

AI Won’t Steal Your Job, but Here’s What It Will Do

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool and is considered the next significant technological shift after the evolution of mobile and cloud platforms. It is not surprising that it is becoming more useful in everyday work.

As AI technology progresses, it will become increasingly cost-effective and accessible for businesses, making it a mainstream part of the workplace.

With all the automation and technology strategies, have you ever feared that it will replace your role at work? Or perhaps you might wonder what the future of work will be when everything is driven by AI.

In this episode, I continue to explore my predictions on the future of work in 2023. You’ll learn how AI can speed up your work and you’ll also come to understand that it’s not quite ready to replace you yet.

In my work as a research-based keynote speaker, I’ve got your back when it comes to explaining the technical jargon. I give you the full rundown on the differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning so that you don’t miss a beat. .

Join me as I explore the new AI platforms like ChatGPT that have made their way into the headlines and into popular use in the past few months, bringing AI to creative endeavors like writing and graphic design.

There’s quite a range of tasks you can ask these AI platforms to do for you, from writing a thank you note to crafting a logo. However, even though these applications of AI can speed up the creative process, there are still significant edits to make. It’s not going to replace your writer and graphic designer anytime soon.

Moreover, I also share some of the AI applications already in use in agriculture, medicine, and human resources that help take some of the rote tasks out of the work. These systems make recommendations but do not replace farmers, doctors, and hiring managers. So, don’t be shaken up yet.

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