Working Conversations Episode 93:

The Labor Shortage and What it Means for You – and Your Burrito

Imagine these scenarios…

Your go-to burrito store is closed on a day when it is typically open.

You try to schedule a routine appointment with your doctor, but can’t get on their schedule until three months from now.

Your toilet paper stock is running out and almost every store in your area is running out of stock too.

Frustrating right?

You’ve probably experienced one or more of these scenarios yourself. And these are unfortunately going to continue to happen everywhere in the world because of the labor shortage, and everyone is affected.

From the people who make and distribute the products we purchase to the people who work in retail, food service, and healthcare (and other industries too!), there is a significant shortage of workers. This situation will not resolve anytime soon.
Although it is unfortunate that we are experiencing this labor shortage (and it is only going to get worse), there is compassion and patience to be developed while we slow down and wait for our burrito.

In this episode, I explore the current shortage of qualified workers in the labor force. We’ll dive into the various factors that led to this shortage including fewer people opting into the workforce (this started well before the pandemic), the impact the pandemic had on the workforce, and how a rising group of entrepreneurs might be impacting the number of workers available for hire.

I also substantiate my prediction on the labor shortage getting worse in the future. With a declining birthrate in the US, I predict we will have an even harder time getting our takeout burrito. Automation and technology have their jobs cut out for them in 2023 and beyond.

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