Working Conversations Episode 89:

Decision Making and Your Year of Wonders with Nick Tasler

Have you ever felt tired of making decisions, whether big or small and found yourself overwhelmed?

Studies show that people make an average of 70 decisions per day. And for those in leadership positions, it tends to be closer to 100 to 115 decisions a day.

That’s a lot!

From choosing our clothes in the morning, to deciding what to eat for meals, to choosing which things to work on first, to deciding where to go on vacation – you and I never stop making decisions.

In this episode, Nick Tasler, an industrial psychologist and expert on decision making, joins me.  Our wide ranging conversation spans everything from decision fatigue to making decisions with others (including coworkers and family members) to collaborating when personality and individual differences get in the way.

Nick shares practical tips on finding a viable path forward even when people’s values are in direct conflict.

You’ll also learn about Nick’s latest project, Your Year of Wonders, which offers a framework for using the changes happening in the world to unleash personal, professional, and organizational growth.

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I hope Nick’s wisdom will help you unleash your Year of Wonders.


Website: https://nicktasler.com/
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