Working Conversations Episode 86:

An Experiment in Gratitude

What if I told you that what you think about generates your mood?

Are you willing to share what you think about?

Remember, you have 100% control over what you think about.

Many of us go through the day on autopilot, but what happens in your head – those thoughts of yours – are 100% your responsibility. So think thoughts that will put you in the kind of mood you want to be in.

As for me, I decided to do a six week gratitude experiment. Nearly every day for the six weeks leading up to recording this episode, I wrote down three things I was grateful for.  The goal was to see what difference it would make in my life.

I deeply believe that gratitude makes a positive difference in one’s life. And it did a beautiful thing!

In this episode, I share the result of my six week gratitude experiment and how you can apply this on your own either as a daily practice or an occasional practice.

As I practiced thinking about the things I was thankful for, I became more attentive to them as they occurred – and being mindful of those things which I was grateful for positively influenced my emotional state.  It put me ina state of gratitude.

I guarantee that this practice also trains your brain to look for the positive and to look for the things that are going well in your life — whether those things are as simple as a well-brewed cup of tea, or as complex as a promotion or a big business deal.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. I encourage you to be thankful, to experience gratitude more often than you usually do.

If you’ve found this episode helpful, spread the word! Share this podcast episode with a friend whom you might think needs to hear this. Don’t forget to leave a review and 5-star rating. It would mean the world to me and I will be grateful for it.

I hope that you’ll embrace the practice of gratitude – and let it sink in, let it wash over you, and let it change your mood and your outlook for the better.




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