Working Conversations Episode 85:

Managing Your Energy During the Holidays

Ever celebrated a holiday feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

From hosting a party, to traveling to be with loved ones, to sharing personal updates with extended family members, to being away from the office, and attending office parties – people tend to go through the holidays without knowing how to manage their energy.

Often it is intense and people feel extra stress and anxiety.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it makes a difference if you know how to keep your energy flowing and avoid being overwhelmed during the holidays (and all year round, too)!

In this episode, Kristen Brown, a keynote speaker, master of personal energy, and stress and resilience expert, joins me on the Working Conversations Podcast and shares actionable tips to help you manage your energy during the holidays.

This episode is full of hacks on managing workplace stress and overwhelm, hosting gatherings with friends and family, and handling the (sometimes) dreaded office holiday party.

Kristen also shares a wonderful note about how we can strategically avoid creating our own drama during holidays by choosing to prioritize the most important things over the little things that really are not very significant.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Find out yourself if you’re creating your own holiday drama and get ready to keep your energy flowing without getting overwhelmed.

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I hope these tips might help you embrace the sweeter side of the season.


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