Working Conversations Episode 82:

What to Do When You Don’t Like a Coworker

Ever had someone you dislike at work? Someone who always gets on your nerves?

We all have. It’s simply part of the human condition and it’s normal.

We don’t always like everyone we work with. If we liked everyone the same, there’d be no distinction between our very best friends – our inner circle, if you will – to casual acquaintances.

Recently, a listener from this podcast, “Disliking in Dallas,” wrote to the the Working Conversations Podcast about a coworker she doesn’t like and asked what she should do about it.

In this episode, offer practical steps for working with someone you simply don’t care for and strategies to use in the event you want to try to build a bit of relationship with that person.

I also I shared the concept of affinity bias. This is when we unintentionally favor someone we work with because we like them (or unintentionally disfavor someone because we don’t like them). Only when we become aware of our biases, can we be more fair with others.

You’ll learn that it’s perfectly fine to like some people more than others even if they are co-workers. So don’t feel guilty about it.

You’ll also learn how to work professionally with someone you don’t like so that it won’t get in the way of working fairly and effectively together and it won’t jeopardize the work and the relationship.

If you’re ready to take the ride with “Disliking in Dallas” in applying the practical steps and strategies, then…

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. I hope you find some peace and solace in your relationships with those you don’t like at work.

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