Working Conversations Episode 80:

The Two Most Powerful Words in the English Language

In this episode, I explore the power of two little words: I AM. When we use these words, we declare something to be true about ourselves.  Whether it is the work we are going to get done in a given day (as in, “I am going to complete this project”) or who we consider ourselves to be on a more macro level (like, “I am a chef” or “I am a distance runner”).

In fact, I ran the Twin Cities Marathon 18 years ago, and I never could have done that if I didn’t think of myself as a distance runner. In fact, there was a time when I did not think of myself as a distance runner at all.  But that changed the day I finished my 10k run.  That day I said out loud to my running buddy, “Hey, we are distance runners now.”

I also share how I apply this at my company, Working Conversations, both in an informal and formal way. Of course, you could apply this outside of work, and feel free to use it where you need it the most.

Remember, what we declare about ourselves and our work impacts our identity, our confidence, our reputation at work, and our work accomplishments — both the big and small ones.

I encourage starting declaring your day and using the word I AM. They are the two most powerful words in the English language and this practice is going to change your life.

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