Working Conversations Episode 78:

How to Network in the Hybrid World – And Why You Need To!

Most of us were duped into believing that networking is disgusting because it feels like asking for favors.

And even if you believe that, I want you to think about networking like paying it forward and making logical links among people who might enjoy knowing each other. It’s getting to know others and developing relationships that can be mutually beneficial.

In fact, having a strong network is critical for a thriving career and a thriving life, especially in the virtual and hybrid world.

Like some of you, I also have a bit of introversion and and it can really be easy to just hang back and not reach out to grow my network.

However, I don’t want my professional network to shrink so I’m holding myself accountable to grow my network. You might want to do the same!

To fully understand why it is important to grow our network in the hybrid world, we have to realize that we have reasons to have a strong network.

In this episode, join me as I make a business case for networking (in a way that doesn’t feel gross). I also talk about the importance of weak ties, how and where to network, and some specific, actionable tips you can use right now to grow your network both online and on-premises.

If you are ready to connect, contribute, and get help when needed with all the different kinds of people that make the world go around, — follow the tips in this episode.

Once you have a strong network, the world is much easier to conquer.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Download it and grab a pen and paper because you are going to want to take write down some action steps to grow your own network.   

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1. What networking really is and how it’s going to help you contribute to other people.
2. Why it is important to have a strong network in the hybrid world.
3. How people that you know the least can often move you closer to your goals than the people that you know the best.
4. How and where to find opportunities to network online and on-premises.
5. What are the actionable tips to grow your network right now.

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