Working Conversations Episode 75:

Why Low Employee Engagement Might Be Good for Business

Quiet quitting is all the rage right now.  It describes employees with low engagement who are doing the bare minimum. What if employee engagement isn’t as important as we think it is?

What if that’s not what employees want?

What if companies stopped wasting precious resources to try to increase their engagement numbers?

What if low engagement was the goal? And quiet quitting wasn’t a bad thing?

You’ve probably heard this. It’s all over the business news. Quiet quitting.  And before that, engagement survey after engagement survey with lower numbers than most companies want – especially in the last couple of years.

In fact, studies show that more than half of the employees who are 34 years old and younger are reported ‘not engaged’ in their company. They show up to work and do the minimum required, but they don’t go beyond what’s expected of them.

These may be employees who get their personal satisfaction, fulfillment, their identity, and their meaning in life outside of work.

But guess what? They might be the most reliable, dependable, and effective employees you’ll ever have for providing dependable workers in your company.

In this episode, I share meaningful insights from research to help you understand why low employee engagement might actually be good for business.

So if you are a manager, a senior executive, or a CEO of a company and you’re still fretting about low employee engagement…you might change your mind and shoot for low employee engagement numbers instead when you listen to this episode.

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1. The phenomenon of quiet quitting.
2. The downside if you’re an employee who is quietly quitting.
3. How could quiet quitting be good for business if companies embrace it.




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