Working Conversations Episode 71:

How to Be Visible in the WFH and Hybrid Workplace

Have you ever been in a situation where you had all of the right qualifications to deserve something, let’s say a promotion, but someone else was selected?

You did your best to get that position, and you knew you are more qualified than the rest of the applicants – and yet you were passed over for that promotion.

Or it might be a recognition you deserve but someone got the credit. Or a big project you hoped to get but it was given to someone who’s less committed.

If you were thinking, “That’s not fair” or “What am I doing wrong?”, ask yourself how well you are known in your organization. Perhaps, you’re not visible.

Yes, it’s always been important to be “seen” in your organization. And if you’re working from home or on a hybrid schedule, it’s much harder and more nuanced to be visible, but you absolutely need to be visible in your organization.

In this episode, I share three tips for being visible on the days when you are working from home and three tips for being visible on days when you are in the office.

These are incredibly important, not only for your career advancement and getting paid well, but also for getting interesting projects, feeling connected to the organization, and being remembered by others – others that you maybe have never met in person.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Download it and grab a pen and paper because you are going to want to take some notes on this.

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1. How to be visible when you are working from home.
2. How to be visible when you are in a hybrid schedule.
3. How to be visible when you are in the office.




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