Working Conversations Episode 69:

A Sneak Peek into My Professional Development

I firmly believe that no matter what each of us does for a living or for a hobby, we can always get better.

It might sound cliché, but there is always room for improvement.

Especially with the fast-paced change of trends and with tight competition in every industry, no one wants to be left behind.

I am no different.  I want to remain competitive and not be left behind. So I’ve got a professional development plan, some parts are strategic and some tactical. And I encourage you to have your own too. This goes beyond what your manager or company thinks you should be doing to improve in your role.

I thought you might be curious to know how I stay competitive and get ahead in my career and how I take action to grow as a professional, as a leader, and also as a human being.

In this episode, I share a sneak peek into the five components of my professional development plan, including attending a recent conference where I was in the listener’s seat rather than the speaker’s seat, and how this fits my big plan.

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  1. Books – a super low cost and flexible learning option.
  2. People – mentors or sponsors, or just people who are a step or two ahead of you that you can learn from.
  3. Classes – learning a specific skill in a structured environment.
  4. A coach – a business coach, an executive or leadership coach, or a life coach, depending on what you need.
  5. Attending conferences – go with an intention and with a goal of making a return on your investment.




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