Working Conversations Episode 68:

How to Stop Tip-toeing Around Hyper-Sensitive People

Do you ever get that feeling that you need to tiptoe around someone?

Whether at work or in your personal life, you probably know someone who always gets SOOO defensive and you want to filter every word before you say it, so as to not upset them. Maybe you even refrain from sharing important information with them.

These are people who are very sensitive and take everything personally and always feel attacked.

Whoever they might be, either a colleague who’s been in the organization long before you or someone who thinks they are a chief expert on everything – you have a choice to continue tiptoeing around them or be courageous and speak up.

If you choose to continue to dance around these hyper-sensitive people even if they do not perform well or they’ve done something incorrectly, it is a disservice to the organization.

And there is a lost opportunity to help that person grow.

On the other side, when you choose to speak up and have the courage to call out people on their bad behavior or misperceptions, you will create more meaningful conversations with the team and the whole organization.

Ready to be direct but you still don’t know how to address the person you’ve been tiptoeing around? Join me in today’s episode of the podcast, as I share a secret weapon from my arsenal of coaching tools.

It’s a concept called Ruthless Compassion. A tool you can use to powerfully deal with the highly sensitive people you usually tiptoe around.

In this episode, you’ll hear exactly what I mean by Ruthless Compassion and you’ll learn how to use it. I also share a few places where I’ve been ruthlessly compassionate in my own life.

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In this episode, I talk about the distractions that I struggle with during the summer season, and as promised, I dive into six strategies for managing my workload inside of a distracted mind.

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