Working Conversations Episode 62:

What to do with a Conversational Narcissist

“What to do in when there is very little back and forth communication in a conversation? Specifically with a person who does ALL of the talking and does not recognize that they don’t ever ask about me!” – Signed No Place for Me in the Conversation.

Sounds familiar? I bet you can relate. Either you know someone who exhibits the behavior of what is known as conversational narcissism or you might find yourself to be a conversational narcissist.

Because let’s be honest, we all vie for attention in conversation. We want to be heard and listened to, we want our ideas and feedback to be shared, and we want to be at the center of attention – at least some of the time.

But sometimes… there are people who tend to forget the real meaning of a conversation.

Believe me, I know people who constantly turn the conversation toward themselves and step away when the conversation is no longer about them, like what No Place for Me in the Conversation told me.

Research and studies show that there are many reasons why people might be a conversational narcissist. Important side note: This is different from the mental health condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

In this episode, I explain what conversational narcissism is, why people might be afflicted with it, what to do when you’re on the receiving end, and what to do if you recognize yourself to be a conversational narcissist.

Get ready to dive in with the proven strategies you can apply after learning all about conversational narcissism.

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  • What Conversational narcissism is.
  • Why Conversational narcissism occurs.
  • What to do to wrangle the conversation back.
  • What to do if you recognize YOURSELF as the conversational narcissist.




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