Working Conversations Episode 61:

Why You Need a Mentor

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I always talk about how I got the life I want – my career, entrepreneurship, and my network of amazing relationships, both professional and personal.

Without a doubt, you’ve already heard some of my mistakes in the past that taught me so many lessons to be wherever I am today.

Many of those lessons came through the help of some of my mentors and mentees. I had countless wonderful and rewarding years of experience from both being mentored and being a mentor.

In both formal mentorship programs, like the one Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota runs, and informal mentor relationships that I’ve put together myself, I have served as a mentor a number of times.

And believe it or not, some of the questions I get asked these days are:

“Why do I need a mentor?”
“Are coaches, mentors, and sponsors not the same?”
“How can I select a mentor or how can I ask them to be my mentor?”
“How should I structure the mentor relationship?”

I’m grateful that these questions are being asked, because I deeply believe that having a mentor can be a real asset to your career – which aligns with the mission of the Working Conversations Podcasts, to help working professionals grow in their personal and professional lives.

So join me in this episode as I share my stories from experiences on both sides of the mentor relationship, including some interesting mistakes!

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