Working Conversations Episode 60:

Words Create Reality

Be honest…How would you describe your life the moment you read this?

Pause for a minute  and think about it.

Is it the life you want it to be? Is it what you’ve dreamed of?

If you would ask me the same questions, I’m grateful that my answer is yes!

In In fact, I talked about how I predicted my future a few decades ago in Episode 50 Futurecasting: Predicting Your Amazing Future. (I’m glad that I got to record another 10 more podcast episodes since that episode.)

And it boils down to how I use my words wisely. Yes, my friend, our words create our reality. It might be by accident or it might be on purpose.

When we understand that reality is constructed through language, we begin to sense how much power we have. I bet you’ll never listen to yourself the same again!

In this episode, I share about how you could be mindful of your word choices so that what you ask for is something you really want.

You’ll learn how to reframe your words from “I’m so busy” to empowering words such as “I’m lucky enough to have a full day of meetings today – never a dull moment!”… And many more practical examples on how to use words to label things in our world to define how we engage with others and our own emotional state.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. It is my wish for you that you do think carefully about what you ask for (whether you are asking explicitly for something or if it is more implicit or subtle in your language) and that you do, in fact, get exactly what you ask for.

Remember, you have the power of words. Use it wisely.

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