Working Conversations Episode 6:

From Workplace TMI to Telling the Boss: Who Should Know Which Information?

Ever had a co-worker have a TMI moment and they overshared?

Or perhaps someone told your boss about something you did, without coming to you about it first.

Or maybe, a customer service person told you just a little (or a lot) too much about what’s happening behind the scenes at their company — and you are a customer!

Just recently, I made a call to customer service to an organization I’m a customer of because something on their website didn’t work.

I was horrified that the person on the phone TOLD me that the IT team was in over their heads and that their organization is bad at communicating with their customers.

The CSR might be frustrated or it might be because he is at his wits end and he is not using sound judgement. He didn’t bother to ask himself, “does it serve the other person to know this?”

So it got me thinking about this question: Who is it appropriate to tell which information to?

In this episode, I address this topic -- the topic of who should be privy to which information and who should not. I break this down into an easy-to-understand system so you’ll never spill too much again!


Level 1: Keep it my yourself.

Level 2: Share with a colleague (who is directly involved in the situation).

Level 3: Share with my boss.

Level 4: Share it with my team or organization (if I’m a leader).

Level 5: Information you tell everyone, (including your customers).

In each level, remember to ask yourself: Does it serve the other person to know this?

So listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. And, if you’ve know someone who could benefit from knowing more about the levels of discretion, please share this podcast with them.




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