Working Conversations Episode 59:

How to Communicate Strategically

I have to slow down to speed up.

Say it again.

I have to slow down to speed up.

This strategy sounds ironic, isn’t it? But it works! It especially works when you are in a hurry and might make a critical mistake if you move too fast.

And did you know that slowing down to speed up is particularly helpful in your communication when you are trying to be strategic? Yes, in communication!

With so many people working from home, most of their communication at work has become even more task-oriented and tactical. It’s about the nuts and bolts of getting the work done (which is rational), but they are missing the point to be strategic in order to have broader influence.

In today’s podcast episode, I share a process for communicating strategically that you can use to influence or get someone on board with a new set of ideas.

This helps people see a bigger picture, a bigger cause, and that helps us align some of the smaller, more mundane tasks that we might have to do with the bigger, more important purpose.

So why did I dig into this topic? Because it’s critical to be strategic at certain times in our communication to impress upon others the big vision, the important work, and the macro message that much of the other work falls under. Sit back and get ready to communicate strategically. Remember, you have to slow down to speed up.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. You’re going to be able to walk away today with some simple strategies that you can incorporate into your daily communication at work that will literally change how you influence others on what you want them to think, feel, and do.

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  1. Why do you need to do to communicate strategically?
  2. How to determine your purpose in communicating?
  3. What to focus on to get clear about your audience?




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