Working Conversations Episode 52:

Return to Office Rescue Guide

While this episode might not sound like much fun to some of you because you’re still resisting the idea of going back into the office…

…I’m positive that you are still in for a feel-good episode, my friend.

The reality is, at some point within the next few weeks or months (or perhaps your organization already did), you will return to the office a couple of days a week or a month.

And this reality comes along with many changes — changes in time and space, in your daily routine, maybe even in where and what you eat for lunch– and you need to be prepared.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Today in the podcast, I’m going to reverse engineer the steps to get you ready for your days back in the office. And we’re digging in at a fairly granular level!

Once you’ve got these logistics handled, you’ll have more space to do some emotional processing about what that’s going to be like.

So, listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts to catch the full episode. I’ll see you arriving in the office, ready to connect with your colleagues, productive, and a game-changer.

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Step # 10: Log in to your computer – Plan for it to take much longer than expected the first time or two.

Step # 9: Find your desk – Allow an extra 5-15 minutes to locate your workspace.

Step # 8: Park your car or bike – If your organization does not have a dedicated lot, you’ll need to investigate parking ramps or lots near work.

Step # 7: Commute time – Use Google Maps, Waze, or your mapping tool of choice to predict how long it will take you to get to work.

Step # 6: Public Transportation – Double check schedules and routes.

Step # 5: Caffeine and nutrition – Consider how much time it will take you to brew your morning beverage, make and eat breakfast, and prepare lunch if you choose to take it from home.

Step # 4: Others in your morning orbit – If you live with others, consider what they might need or expect from you in the morning between the time you wake up and the time you leave the house.

Step # 3: Personal grooming routine – Check out your wardrobe and plan a few outfits. Update your wardrobe if there are any pieces that no longer fit.

Step # 2: Me time – Plan some “me time” into your morning routine, whether that’s a 90-minute spin, walking your dog, or listening to a Working Conversations Podcast.

Step # 1: Wake up – Set your alarm accordingly, including any intervals of hitting the snooze button, if you are a snoozer.


Your Step-by-Step Reentry to the Office

Free 20 page eBook: The Reentry Guide: Nine Steps for a Smooth Return to the Office




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