Working Conversations Episode 47:

What to Do When You Don’t Get What You Want


You’ve had them for almost your lifetime, either through your own experience or from other people’s experiences.

But do you really know how to cope with this emotional and psychological baggage?

Whether you are a work-at-home mom, an employee of a large company, or a senior leader, you will have to deal with disappointments, and sometimes, you even need to deliver disappointing news  to other people.

It’s inevitable.

It’s one of life’s unavoidable lessons and is a critical part of our emotional, intellectual, and social development.

In fact, the response that we take can either break us or can also be our breakthrough — depending on the mindset we have.

And in today’s episode of the podcast, I shared the story of Brad, an executive coaching client of mine, who must deliver bad news to three of his employees who didn’t get what they want, and in these days of high turnover and competitive job markets, no less!

Ughhhhh. Imagine yourself delivering discouraging news to your subordinates or to someone who’s close to you. Or even having it yourself. Hard, isn’t it?

As an executive coach and a workplace communication expert, I’ve seen disappointment, anger, sadness, and frustration more than I want to see them.

So, I shared all the steps with you that I shared with Brad, and that you can use with yourself when disappointment strikes and you don’t get what you want.

And guess what?

I also shared in the podcast a powerful coaching tip that could be an opportunity to strengthen relationships for Brad and his employees, and essentially be a retention move.

And of course, a self-coaching tip you can use to get back in the game.

So, listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts. My hope is that this episode gives you a framework for helping someone else – or yourself – process not getting what you want, just like it helped Brad.




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