Working Conversations Episode 46:

All You Have Is Now

Now is the time.

Say it with me…

Now is the time.

Again, say it with conviction.

Now is the time.

Have you said it so intentionally that you realized that what you have is now?

Yes, you’re right, my friend.

All you have is now.

Honestly, this is a big idea that I’ve been continually waking up to, continually playing with, for the past 30 years or so. This is what is at the heart of the mindfulness movement. This is what meditation teaches us.

And if you would ask me how I became the entrepreneur I am now — I made sure to be always present in the moment.

Being in the now makes everything possible.

There are still times that I forget. Times when I get hooked by my past or obsessively fixated on something that has not yet happened – and in most cases, NEVER will happen!

But the faster I can unhook, the faster I can give up the future fixation, the faster I can get back to now, and . . . the HAPPIER I am.


Now is where I can take action.

Now is where I can make things happen.

Now is where I can bring you the message of now.

Living in the now helps me be focused and take actions that make a difference . . . now. Sometimes big, bold actions. Other times, small actions with a great deal of precision.

And in this episode, I’ll tell you exactly how to lock in the habit of remembering that all you have is now. And we will connect it to relatively mundane moments that naturally occur throughout your day.

For now, listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Be well and be in the now.

These are proven and effective ideas — ideas that made some of my “very best hires” back when I was working for a large corporation.

So, listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.




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