Working Conversations Episode 44:

6 Tips for Accepting Constructive Feedback

Discover how everyone – from newly hired employees to the CEO – can accept constructive feedback without being defensive.

We’re coming up on performance review time in many industries, where employees – even the best of the best, the peak performers – will probably get some constructive feedback as part of their performance review.

While there are people who find this as an opportunity to grow, improve and come up with a new way…

There are also those who struggle to accept it, take it too personally, and perceive it as a threat, and – after receiving feedback – fight, flight, or freeze kicks in.

The truth is, the body’s natural response to feeling threatened is to get defensive. And when our body is mobilized for protection (i.e., defensive), our brain is not working at its best. Just like anyone in any industry, we are bound to come across feedback and feel threatened along the way.

But I am here to tell you those unnerving and fear-provoking feedback can be overcome.

And what’s event better? Accepting constructive feedback doesn’t have to be taken personally at all.

Which is exactly what I want to share with you in this episode.

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Whether the constructive feedback is part of a formal review process, or if it comes up unexpectedly, I wish you all the best in taking it in and learning something from it.


  • HOW to prepare yourself in advance.
  • HOW to truly listen to what is being shared and suspend your disbelief for the moment.
  • HOW to engage in a dialogue about the specific area in which you are getting the feedback.
  • HOW to ask for examples if the feedback feels vague or ambiguous.
  • HOW to stay gracious and WHAT are several things to be gracious about.
  • HOW to take a break if it is too much for you to take in without committing a career-limiting move.






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