Working Conversations Episode 42:

7 Ways to Retain Top Talent

How do you keep your top performers from looking to see what might be next?

I do believe that being valued is something that’s going to keep people around.

You might have heard me say in the previous episode of the podcast thtat Dr. Bob Nelson, who has studied the psychology of gratitude for decades, notes that when there is a culture of recognition and gratitude, employees, on average, feel five times more valued than in organizations where the aforementioned culture is not present.

Friends, the Great Resignation or the Great Reflection as some may call it, is still underway. And the number one job right now of every organization and every manager is to maintain the top talent they have along with attracting new ones to fill all the vacancies.

Remember, you’ve competed to recruit the best talent for your organization. So, losing them will include the side effects of turnover, such as decreased productivity, knowledge loss, lowered morale, and other incidental costs as well.

In this episode, we’ll go straight to the 7 Ways to Retain Top Talent in the midst of the Great Resignation. Listen and find out the insights I share on how to execute the retention strategy and how to discern if your talent is looking for something else.

Some of these insights might serve as reminders of your graciousness, or they might teach you something new about how you see your top talent. These insights will be useful whether you are managing a remote workforce or a hybrid workforce.

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  1. HOW to show those employees who are staying your respect and attention.
  2. HOW to demonstrate gratitude for the ones who are staying.
  3. PRACTICAL TIPS in spending money in the name of retention.
  4. HOW to design a flexible work structure.
  5. HOW to exercise fairness and equity.
  6. POSSIBLE WAYS to shorten the work week.
  7. HOW to focus on human relationships.




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