Working Conversations Episode 37:

A Sneak Peek into a Typical Week in My Life + My Morning Routine

In this episode we deviate from our typical programming and instead, I answer two questions that I get frequently: What does a typical work week look like for you? and What is your morning routine?  I take you through last week’s schedule with it’s ups and downs.  My week included four training sessions for client organizations, a keynote speech for 350 people, and a variety of other business tasks – some fun and some mundane.  It was a pretty typical week.  I think you’ll understand from the enthusiasm in my voice just how much I enjoy what I do!  I also detail my morning routine.  It’s the foundation of being able to operate at peak performance. Perhaps you’ll take something from my morning routine or week that will supercharge your week or morning. Enjoy!

The meditation app mentioned in the episode: Waking Up by Sam Harris.  Get a free week with this link: https://dynamic.wakingup.com/shareOpenAccess/382850




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