Working Conversations Episode 137:

85% Productivity is the Sweet Spot

Should we work at 100% capacity all the time? 

Productivity is always a hot topic—everyone's chasing it, especially in today's dynamic work landscape.

With debates raging about the virtues of working from home versus the office, finding the perfect productivity formula is more elusive than ever.

In this episode, we won't settle the great remote work productivity debate. Instead, we'll dive into a fascinating concept: the 85% productivity sweet spot.

According to research, operating at 85% capacity might just be the sweet spot we've all been searching for -- a balance that maximizes output without the risk of burnout.

Join me as I unpack the latest research on productivity and unveil the secrets of the 85% sweet spot. This episode isn't just about working harder; it's about working smarter and maintaining a sustainable pace.

Discover how operating at 85% capacity can leave you with crucial reserves, ready to tackle tight deadlines and unexpected challenges with resilience.

Whether you're a remote work advocate, an office enthusiast, or someone simply seeking the perfect productivity for maximum output without the burnout, this episode has something for you. The tips and hacks might just transform the way you approach your work, allowing you to reach new heights without sacrificing your well-being.

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