Working Conversations Episode 128:

Why People Are Rude (And Worse!) Online

Imagine this…

You receive an email from a colleague that leaves you stunned by its rudeness and hostility, only to discover that the same person is warm and cordial in person.

So, what drives this behavior?

Sadly, it's not just your imagination; it's known as the online disinhibition effect, and it's spreading.

It's a phenomenon where people tend to be more candid, unfiltered, and uninhibited when communicating online, compared to in-person interactions.

As online communication continues to dominate our work interactions, understanding and addressing online disinhibition effect is essential for building a strong, collaborative, and respectful digital workplace.

In this episode, I delve into the intriguing phenomenon of the online disinhibition effect and its profound impact on workplace communication.

Whether you've encountered individuals who've faced severe consequences for their online actions or have been perplexed by colleagues who seem to transform into different personalities when communicating via email, this episode offers a deep dive into the underlying causes and strategies to navigate this digital phenomenon.

Don’t let rudeness dominate your communication at work. Leverage the power of online connectivity while remaining mindful of its challenges.

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