Working Conversations Episode 125:

Stealth Working: Globetrotting or the Local Coffee Shop

Have you ever found yourself questioning where your remote employees are actually working?

Are some of them stealthily disappearing to distant locales or slipping into local coffee shops? And if so, does it matter?

Imagine this scenario: one of your team members claims to be working remotely but is frequently updating their tasks from various exotic locations. As a manager, you're left wondering about their whereabouts, communication, and the implications for your company.

These stealth workers are embracing the world of remote work without explicitly notifying their employers, sparking discussions about accountability, transparency, and potential risks.

They're remote, but the questions linger: What are the risks for the employee?  For the employer?

In this episode, I explore the intriguing concept of stealth working, shedding light on both its allures and the legitimate concerns it poses.

As remote work continues to redefine the boundaries of the workplace, it's essential to understand and navigate the complexities of stealth working.

If you are a senior executive, a manager, or a stealth worker who’s embracing the world as your workspace, secretly working from a distant country or your favorite local coffee shop, this episode is for you.

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