Working Conversations Episode 12:

Why You Need Big Problems

You need BIG problems!

Uh oh! I, for one, do not like the sound of that. Most people would agree that they prefer not to have problems.

However, when you hear what I shared with one of my executive coaching clients about having big problems, you’ll start to see how big problems can give us something exciting to focus on.  Big problems overshadow the small problems that trip us up and get in the way of doing great things. 

My coaching client was feeling lonely at work. Her loneliness was taking up a disproportionate amount of time and energy compared to its actual worth or value in her life.

In this episode, I recount how we tried all the usual suspects to curb her loneliness, but they didn’t work. She was still indulging in loneliness. What did work, however, was having a BIG problem to care about.

After figuring out the BIG problem enough to care about -- big enough to make the problem of loneliness seem small and insignificant -- she had drawn a line and was no longer going to indulge in the problem of loneliness.

Perhaps you have a small problem you are grappling with right now in your work or in your personal life that doesn’t deserve the front seat role you are giving it.  If so, then this episode is for you!

So listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. 

May you let your newfound “BIG” problems lead the way and let small problems settle into a back corner.




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