Working Conversations Episode 119:

The Four Day Work Week

Will Thursday become the new Friday?

As the concept of the four day work week gains traction, it is being hailed as a potential solution to many of the challenges plaguing the modern workplace.

In this episode I dive deep into the concept of the four day work week and its potential to address a larger dilemma faced by leaders today: Should organizations push for a return to the office for increased productivity and profit, or should they embrace the flexibility of remote work? The four day work week presents compelling benefits for both sides of this debate.

Join me as I explore and uncover the research-based evidence supporting the implementation of the concept of the four day work week.

I also examine how this innovative approach can revolutionize the way we work, leading to improved work-life balance, increased productivity, enhanced employee well-being, and even minimize the impact of the labor shortage.

This episode goes beyond theory and provides practical insights on pilot testing a four day work week within your organization. You’ll learn valuable strategies for measuring the impact and gathering data to support informed decision-making.

Whether you're a leader contemplating new ways to boost productivity and engagement or an employee seeking a better work-life integration, this episode offers a roadmap for exploring the possibilities of the four day work week.

Discover how the four day work week can transform workplace dynamics, foster employee satisfaction, and unlock new levels of productivity and creativity.

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