Working Conversations Episode 116:

My Best Advice for Hybrid Meetings

Have you ever experienced the frustrations of hybrid meetings?

The ones where some participants gather in a conference room while others participate remotely from their offices?

From audio glitches to connectivity problems, lack of engagement to poor facilitation, hybrid meetings often fall short of delivering a positive experience for everyone involved.

But what if there was a better way?

In this episode, I give my very best advice on hybrid meetings. I share the details on my position and what you should do to hold more effective meetings.

You'll gain valuable insights on the inherent challenges and pitfalls of hybrid meetings and the importance of clear communication and active facilitation during meetings.

Curious about my best advice?

It’s this: I would advise NOT avoiding hybrid meetings altogether.

If all the necessary participants can be physically present, I encourage you to hold the meeting in person.

However, if even a single person cannot attend in person, I suggest you conduct the entire meeting on your preferred online platform, such as Teams, Zoom, WebEx, or any other platform you use.

That’s it. Again, don’t hold hybrid meetings at all. Find out why by listening to the full episode.

Whether you're a team leader, a meeting facilitator, or a participant seeking to make the most out of your meeting experiences, this episode is a game-changer.

Listen and catch the full episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also watch it and replay it on my YouTube channel, JanelAndersonPhD.

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