Working Conversations Episode 110:

Giving Constructive Feedback to the High Performer

Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills and prepare your organization for the future of work?

If you’re a senior leader, you understand the importance of delivering feedback to high-performing employees in a way that maximizes their potential. But, have you ever found yourself struggling to give constructive feedback to someone who is already excelling in their role?

As an expert in the future of work and performance management, I know firsthand the impact that effective feedback can have on employee engagement, productivity, and overall success.

But delivering feedback to people who are really driven and generally very good, if not excellent at what they do, requires a deep understanding of human psychology and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, because it is hard for them to take in constructive feedback.

In this episode, I explore the techniques and strategies necessary to deliver feedback to high performers without triggering their overreaction.

I also share practical tips and insights that you can apply immediately to your performance management process, peer feedback, personal relationships, and even when managing up.

Don't let your high performers miss out on opportunities for growth and development due to a poor feedback experience. Join me and discover the secrets to delivering feedback in such a manner that the person doesn’t lose perspective or blow it out of proportion.

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