Working Conversations Episode 11:

The Secret to Fixing Email

If you’re reading this, then you probably…

Get way too much email.

Are annoyed and frustrated with small talk in email or long email threads that no longer match the subject line.

Get annoyed when people are abrupt and rude in email.

Or are hoping to get a better handle on your inbox.

Hang in there my friend, I’ve got you!

Most people agree that email feels broken. It bogs us down, it’s ineffective at communicating nuanced information, and we often end up miscommunicating at best, and deeply offending others at worst.

You might have been experiencing these email issues prior to the pandemic, or perhaps you just started experiencing this during the pandemic.

I know you would agree that the pandemic even worsens this email issue because emails and other text-based software and applications limit the personal connection we need with our colleagues.

In this episode, I tackle the problem of email and share not one, but three fixes for a number of ways in which email is broken. These tips and advice helped my clients improve their email -- and they can help you be a better virtual communicator too!

So listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. 


  1. Treat email and other text-based communication software as transactional. Use other tools and mediums for relationship building and maintenance.
  2. Get to the point early, provide only as much context as necessary.
  3. When the content morphs from the subject line, start a new thread and reset the subject line.
  4. Don’t attempt to handle highly nuanced information and communication through email. 




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