Working Conversations Episode 105:

How to Do Management By Walking Around in Hybrid Workplaces

Are you struggling to maintain effective communication with your team or connect with your colleagues in the hybrid work environment?

Do you miss the benefits of managing by walking around now that hybrid work arrangements are becoming more common?

If so, you’re not alone. With the rise of virtual and hybrid work arrangements, managers are facing new challenges when it comes to staying connected with their teams.

I was recently in a discussion with a senior leader who’s disappointed that staff are not coming back to the office in greater numbers. I found out that he was a leader who loved to manage by walking around and stopping by people’s desks to chat. He would also sitt in on meetings with people who were four and five positions lower than he was on the organizational chart to stay connected to the work being done in the company. He really missed managing by walking around.

In this episode, I dive into what management by walking around is, when and how it started, and why it’s a powerful management technique that can have a significant impact on workplace culture and productivity.

I then explore how to implement management by walking around in hybrid workplaces, with the software tools you already have so you can stay in touch with your team and foster a positive work environment. I also share some cool new software tools that make the virtual and hybrid office come to life on your screen.

I share insightful and easy-to-implement strategies for virtual check-ins and video conferencing, as well as tips for scheduling regular touchpoints with team members.

Throughout the episode, I highlight the significant benefits of management by walking around in the virtual environment. From improving communication, creating better employee engagement, and increasing collaboration to enhancing performance and fostering innovation, this management technique can help managers and team members thrive in the new world of hybrid work.

So, yes! You can manage by walking around in virtual and hybrid workplaces.

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