Working Conversations Episode 101:

Do Careers Matter as the Future of Work Unfolds?

With the pace of change in how work life is constructed and conceived of, it's worth asking: do careers still matter?

Over the past couple of decades, the notion of traditional careers has undergone significant changes. And as we move forward into the future, the concept of a career  will continue to evolve.

In this episode, I take a closer look at the relevance of traditional careers in the face of the rapidly evolving  world of work. I also explore this evolution, examining whether the concept of having a "career" is still relevant or meaningful.

I provide six actionable tips that will prepare both the young and old for the future of work and the evolving concept of what it means to have a career. These tips are future-proof – that is, I have every confidence that they will be as useful in two decades as they are today.

And as a research-based keynote speaker, I debunk the statistic that 65% of the jobs kids entering school now will have when they become adults are jobs that don't exist today, and instead I provide a more nuanced view of the changing job market and how individuals can position themselves for success.

Whether you're a young person just starting out in your career or an experienced professional looking to adapt to the changing world of work, this episode can help you keep your future employment options. The episode will help you evolve with the times and stay in motion, regardless of exactly what your path looks like.

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